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About Machesney Park, Illinois

The origins of Machesney Park are closely linked to early aviation. Named after Fred Machesney, who operated the Machesney Airport, the village’s history is intertwined with the development of local aviation activities. The airport, now defunct, was a key factor in the area’s early expansion. Machesney Park was officially incorporated as a village in 1981, making it a relatively young municipality compared to its neighbors.

about rockford IL
about rockford IL

Geographic and Demographic Overview

Machesney Park is a village situated in Winnebago County, Illinois. Located in the northern part of the state, it forms part of the Rockford Metropolitan Statistical Area. The village covers a total area of approximately 13.16 square miles, predominantly land, with a small portion of water bodies. The population of Machesney Park is around 23,500, based on recent census data, indicating a stable community size that supports both residential and commercial growth.

Education Amenities of Machesney Park, Illinois

Machesney Park, Illinois, boasts comprehensive education amenities that cater to a diverse range of needs, from early childhood to adult learning. The Harlem School District serves the village with several elementary schools, Harlem Middle School, and Harlem High School, offering strong academic programs, Advanced Placement courses, and various extracurricular activities. Residents also benefit from proximity to higher education institutions in the Rockford area, including Rockford University, Northern Illinois University’s Rockford campus, and Rock Valley College, which provide undergraduate, graduate, and technical training programs. Additionally, the North Suburban Library District branch in Machesney Park and local community centers offer valuable resources such as books, digital media, educational programs, and recreational activities, supporting lifelong learning and personal development for all age groups.

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FAQs about Machesney Park

Machesney Park is located in the state of Illinois, USA.


The demographics of Machesney Park, Illinois, include a population of approximately 23,500 residents, with a diverse mix of ethnicities and age groups. Detailed demographic data regarding racial composition, household income, education levels, and other factors can be obtained from official census records or local government sources.


Machesney Park covers a total area of approximately 13.16 square miles.

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